Episode 003: The Future of Work is Diverse

Episode 003: The Future of Work is Diverse

Today we're talking with Tracy Candido. She builds creative programs, events and dynamic live content for brands to tell their story, communicate their values and open hearts and minds. Her passion areas include women in business, the future of work, leadership diversity and arts and culture. She's worked for companies big and small including museums, global brands, startups and nonprofits. She's currently the Director of Programs at Lower Manhattan Headquarters, a project of the Alliance for Downtown New York. She's also the Founder of Lady Boss, a platform invested in gender equality work exploring what a feminist workplace might look like. Tracy is queer-identified and lives with her wife and son in Brooklyn.

Episode 002: Step into Your Body -- king yaa



king yaa (always in lower case, following the lead of feminist, author, social activist bell hooks) is an entrepreneur. In fact, she have not been an employee since 1996, the year she graduated from the University of Toronto.
Currently, she is a Body Engineer and an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach.
As a Body Engineer, she utilizes movement practices and bodywork therapy to help individuals to move, function and feel better in their bodies. She offers body and gender affirming bodywork therapy to address postural distortions, headaches and body compression for trans and GNC folx who chest bind and or have had top surgery. And she provides healing, restorative massages to relieve built-up, gender-related trauma. All of her services are client-led, consent-driven, and tailored to the needs and comfort of the individual.
As a self identified black, queer, MoC individual, she understands the challenges of insisting on respectful and safe healthcare and how it can be a deterrent for many to seek support from health and wellness professionals. 
Because of this, she has become an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach to support beings to define what their wellness goals are and set actionable steps towards achieving optimal health goals.


Episode 001: Queer on Every Axis -- Christian Young


Christian Young is a queer, trans artist, author, and crafter living in Columbia, MO.  He loves dogs, genre fiction, and justice.

On today's episode we are talking with Christian Young and his experiences transitioning from male to female, his experiences within the business world as an out and proud transman, as well as his creative and artistic endeavors.













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