How you can help

There’s no getting around it: this is big stuff.

When someone comes to you hurting, in desperate need of help –- whether that’s a kid coming out to you out of the blue, when you see self-harm marks on someone you love, when you see someone getting bullied for being who they are, when someone’s staring down the very real possibility of homelessness because they’re getting cut off from friends and family, it’s overwhelming, scary, and can seem like nothing you can do can be enough.

Know this first –– it’s going to be ok.

You may not have all the answers. You may not even agree with this person’s actions, but you want to be there for them, because you’re a kind, compassionate person who believes that everybody deserves to live. You want to be the one person who can impact them and save their life. (There’s no way around it -- that is badass.)

And while this is an undeniably big deal, there are some really simple, very fast, and incredibly effective things you can do to help. Here’s three of them:


Hire Me


I love to help educators, mental health professionals, and “safe people” do more and have the resources they need to save lives. A couple ways I like to that are by speaking to audiences of 10 - 10,000 and running workshops for schools, mental health providers, and communities of faith. If you’re interested in having me speak or facilitate a conversation for you, click below to see how we can make that happen.


I also have a limited availability for consultation intensives to support you as you become ever-more inclusive. This could look like updating curricula and documents, educating staff, answering questions, and walking side by side with you as you make organizational changes to become more inclusive. To inquire about my next availability for consulting, please click below.


Support my mission

So maybe you don’t need me to speak at your organization or help you become more inclusive, but you believe every person deserves to live and thrive.

You can do this in your community by voting for inclusive school board members, being vocal about your support for LGBT youth, and continuing to work on yourself and your own bias. You can also make a huge impact by amplifying my voice with financial donations on Patreon. The littlest bit of money truly does go a long way in keeping my doors open and helping me save the world, one teen at a time.

And finally, you can leverage your connections to help me do my work in your community. Talk to your faith community, school board, and mental health professionals, and social media network to let them know that there is help out there. So often, the people we think are indifferent actually want to help, but just don’t know the first step to take. By introducing me into their world, you could have a far larger impact than you imagine.



There is so much you can do to support me and others doing the work without contributing financially. We can all work together to make this world a more beautiful and loving space. Here are some ideas of easy steps you can take to support those of us on the public stage and to do your own work day to day.

  • Like, Love, Share and Comment on Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Send well wishes. Say thank you!

  • Share Podcast episodes and blog posts.

  • Spread the word!

  • Add pronouns to your email signature line.

  • Politely call out those in your life when they say offensive things.

  • Shut up and listen. Educate yourself!

  • Advocate for diverse panels and speakers at your events (like me!)