It’s Time.

Let’s be real. Society is all kinds of messed up right now. Civil discourse is lost amongst the screaming across the aisle. We are more divided than ever as a country and marginalized communities are being openly attacked and discriminated against.

Now is the time to ask what we can do to help. How can we affect change in this world? What can we do to make this world a better place? How can we give voice to our values and be active allies to those who are facing open hatred?

What I’m Doing:

I am working to show up daily in the online world as well as in real life to advocate for people in marginalized communities. Have conversations and moving the needle forward as we discuss how to make the world a more beautiful place. I love getting up in front of people and talking about my experiences as a queer person with mental health issues, as well as talking about how important it is to live our values in life and business:

The Personal is most DEFINITELY Political.

I desire to educate people who simply don’t get why this matters. I have the hard conversations and meet people where they are on the path to inclusion.

How you can support me:

One of the best ways you can support me is to financially contribute via Patreon. This allows me to cover my overhead and keep doing the work. Podcasting, a website, tax software and other expense are a fact of life. With your help I can cover these costs and work to continue affecting change in our society.

What if i don’t have $$?

There is so much you can do to support me and others doing the work without contributing financially. We can all work together to make this world a more beautiful and loving space. Here are some ideas of easy steps you can take to support those of us on the public stage and to do your own work day to day.

  • Add pronouns to your email signature line.

  • Politely call out those in your life when they say offensive things.

  • Shut up and listen. Educate yourself!

  • Advocate for diverse panels and speakers at your events (like me!)

  • Like, Love, Share and Comment on Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Send well wishes. Say thank you!

  • Share Podcast episodes and blog posts.

  • Spread the word!