What others have to say:

I invited Mason to visit with our high school staff. The information we received was very personal and informative. It truly did help guide us in how we approach our students in the LGBTQ population. My favorite thing about Mason was “there are no dumb questions”. The session was very relaxed and I feel our staff knowledge grew immensely since they could comfortably ask anything they wanted. I highly recommend having them come speak!
— - Kellie Austene, Hallsville High School Guidance Counselor
Mason Aid is a phenomenal speaker who taught our company about the struggles that LGBT youth face on a daily basis. Mason showed us how we as helping professionals can help our clients find ways past the hurdles in their lives. Mason’s sense of humor and laid back personality make them a great presenter.
— Whitney Hines M.Ed., LPC Supervising Therapist Family Counseling Center

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