Right. This thing.


Facebook just told me I haven’t posted anything in 25 days.  Which means it’s been nearly a month since I wrote anything and put in on this here website.

So here’s an update.  The squish is growing like a freaking weed.  She can sit up, roll over both directions and is starting to eat big kid food.

MaeMae is still figuring out life with a squish. And I don’t know if I’ll ever really feel like I have a grasp on it.  I’m just now discovering how to cook with a baby at home (hello she can finally sit up and play more independently in the pack and play!). I’m getting back to meal planning and actually organizing my life instead of living moment by moment.  Of course there is still plenty of moment by moment living. . .

This whole parenting thing is hard. Harder than I could imagine and awesomer than I could imagine and I feel like I’m finally starting to find some semblance of a rhythm and yet holding that lightly because before I know it she’ll be crawling and everything I had figured out will change.

It’s amazing how much more confident I am as a parent now vs where I was 6 months ago, or even 2 months ago. Maybe part of it is that as she grows, she becomes more interactive and it’s just less scary in general. Or maybe it’s that I have grown too.  It’s probably both because that’s the way life works.