Don't just click share.

Trump is tweeting bullshit left and right and I see it over and over in my newsfeed.  Trans people not allowed to be in the military.  LGBTQ people not covered by civil rights laws.  Who the hell knows what else.

And we’re sitting at a loss as to what comes next.  What do we do now?  So we click share and move on.  I’m included in this.  I click share and numb my brain to the reality of the world we’re living in.

The reality that people still hate me.  People want my family to fail.

No, not you.  If you’re reading this you are likely someone I know personally or who has similar values.  So what do we do?

What do progressive, educated, well meaning people do?

We fight back.

We click share and then donate money to that awesome new PAC your friends have started.  You find the local LGBTQ center and donate time or money or energy.  You speak out and stand up for people like me.

You do something.  Something more than clicking share. Actions matter, especially on days like yesterday and today.

We have to do something.

I’m putting words on computer screen because that is what I can do.  I write letters and use services for socially anxious people like myself so my representatives know they won’t have a job much longer.

Maybe it’s not much.

Maybe it’s not enough.

But it IS something.

So please.  Do something.

(If you need ideas of where to donate, The Center Project in Columbia is always taking donations.  And my friends really did start the cool new PAC, Raising Our Future)