A Whole New World...

Once again both of my lovely ladies are sleeping and I am up with my laptop pecking away at the keys (this time with both hands.  Squish has decided that the swing is an ok place to be.  Not as good as Mama or Mae Mae’s arms, but it will do).  Movie music is on in the background and I am feeling pumped.

Everything is new.  Everything is different and yet everything is the same.  In some ways I really look forward to going back to work and settling into this new normal.  Because I know this 4 weeks off is simply a reprieve and this is not what life will always look like.   I am a person who wants to know things.  I want to know what life is going to look like, I want to know everything.  And I can’t.  I just have to go with the flow and live every moment and do what I can.  And what I can is write shorter blog posts but still get them posted.  What I can is type one handed so I still feel like I am accomplishing something (even though the biggest thing I’m accomplishing is LITERALLY helping keep 3 human beings alive.)

This parenting thing is different from what I expected. Both easier and harder at the same time. I am both busy and not at the same time.  I am everything and nothing.  This is beautiful and fun and exciting and at points kind of boring.  Because I love staring at my baby, but she sleeps a lot right now.  And I am more type A than I would ever admit and it feels like I am doing nothing.  Yet I am doing everything.

This is a whole new world. And I love it.