What do you say when life is easy?

I don’t know what to write about today.  There is so much good happening in my life that it is hard.  Which is kind of weird.  

It’s easier to write when things are a little harder.  My brain goes to that deep space more easily.  When I’m happy, everything is shallow and beautiful and when I’m depressed everything is deep and soulful and equally beautiful.  

I don’t know how to write the good times.  I’m doing more presentations than ever, educating and helping others serve LGBT clients and students better.  I’m working hard at work and at home and things are going well and so here I sit racking my brain for something that resonates deeply so I can write in a personal and beautiful way and there is nothing that feels. . . right.

I’ve spent the last half hour looking at the list of things I want to write about and none of them are lighting that fire in my brain.

And yet that fire burns.  In the past month I have done 4?  5?  Presentations to a variety of groups and been on panels and have educated and helped inform policies and shit is real.  This is happening and sometimes it’s overwhelming how amazing it is that this is my life.

My goal for the first 6 months of the year was to do 5 presentations and I am one away from meeting that mark and it is early February and I have three lined up for later this spring.

I find myself wondering how this is my life.  How did I go from where I was to where I am now?

And does it even matter?

The fact is, I’m here.  I’m doing the work and even though sometimes it feels like no one understands what I’m trying to do (which yes, I totally know is bullshit, but if you ever want to remind me, I wouldn’t say no ;)) I’m doing it.

Right now I feel like the world needs action, so I am acting in the way I best know how.