5 Steps to Self Care when you feel like you're living in a dystopian novel.

I have spent the last two days stuck in the depths of my head.  Depression creeping in, frustration at the state of this country, fear for my family has all been overwhelming.

And so I had to ask myself how to shake those overwhelming feelings I was dealing with.

What steps can I take to shake the funk and get to work?

Mason’s Survival Guide to Self Care when living in a Dystopian novel:

Step 1: Get out of Bed and stop staring at Facebook.

For real though.  This is my eternal struggle.  The simple act of getting out of bed resets my brain, at least a little bit.  Stand up. Move.  Punch the air.  Stretch.  Remind yourself you’re a badass even though it feels like your lungs are being crushed

Step 2:  Eat some food and drink some coffee

Eat something healthy.  Or take a moment and eat something not so healthy that gives you good feelings as a treat.  It’s ok to occasionally eat your feelings.  Feelings can be delicious.  Just avoid the mindless eating.  Because then you just keep eating.  And eating. And eating.

Step 3: Walk around a little

Yup.  This morning I was in my head so I paced and talked out loud to myself.  I reminded myself that I AM doing something, and I debated with the negative self talk echoing through my brain.  Fight those negative thoughts yo!

Step 4:  Take your meds and brush your teeth.

Small things matter.  Meds taken reminds me that I am taking care of myself and doing what I need to do to stay sane.  Brushing my teeth just makes me feel fresh and clean.  Ready to tackle the world.

Step 5:  Hamilton Dance Party.

This is the most effective way to boost yourself out of a bad mood.  Put on the song “My Shot” and rap along and dance like a fool.  The endorphins will start flowing and you’ll feel less shitty almost instantaneously.

Things are. . . Interesting . . . right now to say the least.  Self care is more important now than ever.  Give yourself permission to rest.  Give yourself permission to be sad and fearful but don’t let it overwhelm you.

You are a badass.

Keep on fighting.