LGBT Means?


Yeah.  That’s a mouthful right?  Even within the community we struggle with what to call ourselves.  How to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities and we end up with this mouthful of letters which is functional, but not much else.

LGBT means:

L- Lesbian
G- Gay
B- Bisexual
T- Transgender
Q- Queer
Q- Questioning
I – Intersex
A- Asexual
A- Allies (There is debate as to whether allies should be included in the acronym.  More on that later)
* - Genderqueer, pansexual, demisexual, non-binary genders and so many more identities which cover the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations there are out there.

So Now what?

It gets confusing.  There are so many identities and so many different ways of being LGBTQ* (my preferred variation of the acronym) that it’s hard to keep it, well. . . straight.

And so I bring you, a dictionary.

Language has power, and knowing the right words to use and the right way to use those words has a significant impact on the LGBTQ* people in your life.  No one wants to be an accidental asshole.

So, once a month, a new word will be discussed.  What does LGBT mean?  Lemme tell you.

If you have a suggestion of a word you’d like to know the definition of, shoot it in the comments. 

If you have more questions about a word, ask away.

If you take issue on how I define a word, tell me.


Disclaimer: Language in the LGBTQ* community is constantly evolving.  Words can change meanings and have a variety of connotations which different people interpret in different ways.  When talking about someone’s identity, always ask them how they identify.  Only they can define their sexual orientation or gender identity.