Self Care Saturday: Week 1. And so it begins.

This week!  It begins!  18 weeks of self care challenges moving us from now until the new year!

Why wait for new years resolutions?  The time is now my friends!

This week's challenge:  Walk More!

Ok, so the guidelines are vague because I want you to do what is pushing yourself.

Some people walking more means getting out of bed and doing a lap around the house.  For some people they already clock like 50 miles a week and the moving part isn't so hard, but maybe it's the being present during a slow walk.  Pick what will challenge YOU.

My goal:

Take a walk every day this week, with or without the dog, without looking at the cellphone.

I move a LOT at work, we're talking 12,000 steps in an 8 hour day.  Simply moving is not so much the issue for me, but the being mindful and letting my mind wander is.  Thus the no phone.

I think Merlin is going to enjoy this week's task.

What is your goal for the week?  How do you plan to move more/differently?

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