Journaling wasn't too hard. Let's see how meditating goes.

Journaling wasn't too hard for me.  Finding time was.  But the actual act of journaling not so much.  I used to be a prolific journaler.  The wife and I are starting to go through boxes in the basement and I found stacks of spiral bound notebooks full of writing.  Psych ward notebooks and notebooks full of to do lists, fantasy sports stats, letters to a god I no longer talk to (note: still totally have faith, it's just a whole lot different), and paragraphs of feelings scrawled on paper.  I found my notebooks from when I was coming out, and when I was being excommunicated from church.  Notebooks from psych ward stays when I was 19.  Notebooks from church camp and a notebook from my freshman year of high school.

Writing comes naturally for me.  In part it is because my brain is ALWAYS going.  Until I'm exhausted, then sleep goes.

Enter meditation.

I'm not sure about this.  I've heard all the amazing things.  My friend Abby swears by it.  I'm honestly intimidated.  To be still, to be quiet.  Seems. . .  weird?  Unnatural?

But I'm going to do it.  For 7 whole days.  I will carve out time even when I don't want to.  I will wake up before 5 am shifts.  I will do this.  5 minutes.  Every day.

Lort help me.

I will take any advice, encouragement, accountability on this one.


ps: How killer is my banner for self care Saturdays?  My friend and kick ass hand letterer Dionne Thomson made it for me.  You should check out her blog and her art.  She's super amazing!