Week Two is in the books y'all! On to week three!

Last week the focus was on gratitude.  And I started listing the three things I was grateful for every day.  At first it felt kinda lame to be honest.  And it was easy.  But then Thursday happened.  Holy Thursday Batman.  It was insane.  I ended up working 9.5 hours to cover someone's shift because she was super sick (totally worth it, I don't like people who have been throwing up making coffee. . .).  Then I had a meeting to go to, and then I had the LGBT* teen group I help run. 

It was hard to think about what I was grateful for on Thursday.  On Thursday I was feeling stressed, tired and emotionally spent.  But I found gratitude.  Even on a shitty ass day.

I'm going to keep up this practice.  It is good for me.  It keeps me focused on the good, especially on the days where the good is hard to see.


Thus,  On to week 4!  Week 4!

Journaling.  Every. Damn. Day.

I'm going to journal every day.  This is different than writing.  I can write without having feelings.  I can't journal without having feelings.

This will be harder than it seems.  Figuring out WHEN to do it.  To take 15-20 minutes to journal.  When I feel like I can get to feelings safely without compromising the day.  When I can do it without waking up at 4 am instead of 4:15.  Because that is a massive difference.  It's really damn early, ok?

What are your self care goals for the week?

How did last week go?

Lemme know!