Self Care Saturday Begins Soon!

Hello lovelies.

So, I’m adding another blog post every week!  Two for the price of one!  Oh yeah.

Today is the intro day.  Today you get just as excited as I am about this project.

For the next 4 months (aka until the end of 2016)  I, Mason Aid challenge YOU to push yourself to take better care of yourself as I push myself to take better care of me.

16 weeks of self care challenges.  A different challenge every week.

An excuse to try out different methods of self care, in community.

Because we are all in this together.

We cannot live our lives in isolation or things go messy real quick (trust me on this one.  I’ve lived that life. . .)

Stay tuned.

Next Saturday I will post our first weekly challenge. 

I plan to report daily on Facebook (my blogger page, you should Like it if you haven't!) and Instagram with #selfcarechallenge2k16, as well as writing a Saturday write up on how the week went for me.

Post your progress on Facebook or Instagram as well, or show up on Saturday and tell us how you did.

Until then, get your game face ready.