Do the Best you Can, At the Moment

I want to call it in.

I have a self imposed deadline of posting every Tuesday.  So far I have not failed on that mission (other than one week I posted on a Wednesday).

Tuesdays are blog post days.

Yet, it is after 8 pm (aka after my bedtime) and there is still no post.

Yes, I’ve had a busy day, yes I have a stupid summer cold (which, btw are basically the worst).

I will not call it in.

I will not call it in.

My personal goal is to do the best I can at the time.

This may be my best today.

I am sick, I am tired, I will likely have to work tomorrow while sick.

But I am posting.

I am showing up and doing the work, even when I don’t necessarily want to.

I am doing this even though I’m simply not feeling it.

Sometimes you have to push through.

Sometimes you have to go through the motions to get through.

A few years ago I started going to work even when I felt like I couldn’t.

That taught me that I could go to work even when it was hard.

Life, and recovery, is all about baby steps and pushing yourself just the slightest bit harder.

Today I will post a blog post even though I’m not feeling it and just want to go to sleep.  It may not be the most brilliant thing I ever write, but dammit, it will be written, and it will be posted.

There are hard days.  Give yourself grace and do the best you can do at the moment.  It’s all we can ask of ourselves.