Peace out 2016. 2017? Bring it on.

This is my last post of 2016.

Ah 2016.  Hated by many.  You are soon to leave us.  Rest in Peace.

And thus I look to the future.

2017.    Year my daughter will be born.

Year that will kick 2016 in the ass.

You wanna know why?  Because I’m gonna make it awesome.

I’ve got some goals set. 

I’ve got plans in place.

This shit is gonna be the best.

Here we go. 

2017 Goals:

-    Actually plan my blog posts in advance so I’m not looking for what to write about at 8 pm on a Tuesday night.

-    Have three (yes, 3!) months worth of blog posts written and scheduled for after baby Aid is born.

-    Hit the gym 3x a week most weeks.

-    Find more places to submit my work for publication, and actually do it.

-    More speaking engagements!

-    There will be parenting goals I just have no idea what to expect yet!

There are more, and I’m sure they will be adjusted and changed as the year goes on.  Goals are just that, goals.  They are hopes and aspirations and if I don’t achieve them I have not failed.

I plan to put a number beside submitting writing for publication as well as speaking engagements.  Honestly this is the first time I’m writing these goals down and really solidifying them.

And so to 2016 I say farewell and to 2017 I say bring it on.

What goals are you setting this year?