Feeling crazy? Control what you can.

It’s been cold outside lately.  And that resonates.  The holidays are hard.  I think I’ve said that before but I’ll say it again.  Christmas is joyous but hard.  It hurts to not have my sister around.  It hurts to have a small family gathering instead of a big boisterous one.  But it is what it is.  That’s something I work really hard on.  Acceptance of the way things are, especially when I don’t like the way things are.

We are where we are, and life is what it is.  There are hurts, there are sorrows, there are awesome things, there is beauty.  But there is only so much we can control.  And so at times I have to remind myself that the only things I can control are my actions.  How I respond to things, the decisions I make, and I work really hard to be mindful of that fact.

This is a mindset that helped me find healing from self harm.  This is a mindset that has helped me get to where I am now from where I was.  Objectively viewing my feelings and letting myself feel them, but not giving them control over me.

Especially when it comes to “mistakes.”  I tend to be impressively hard on myself and hold myself to ridiculous standards.  Just ask my wife. . .  But when I am consciously trying to give myself grace and remind myself that it happened and I will simply move forward and that it is OK then it is easier.

Key word:  Easier.

Guys, this living a full and balanced and healthy life is really damn hard.

So kudos to you for putting one foot in front of the other.

Congratulations on still being here, still fighting.  No matter how big or small your fight is.

We are all victors.