Holiday Blues. We meet again.

Words are hard sometimes.

This time of year is hard. I find myself missing my sisters, missing the memories and years we had together.

I know I am not alone in the struggle around the holidays.

I saw my doctor and got my meds changed yesterday.  A small change but a needed one.  I could sense where my brain was going and it was not a path I want to go down.  And so I took care of that.

Which honestly feels like a victory.  I chose to take care of myself, even when it’s something I get frustrated with sometimes.  I chose self care over self destruction, which has not always been the choice I have made.

And so, every morning, I will take an extra half a pill and move forward with my life, knowing that it will get easier in January, and it will be easier in February.  And then March will come and so will our baby and life will get hard in the most beautiful and powerful way.

These times come, but they always go away.  

Embrace it.