Vulnerability is Hard.

Sometimes I am scared to write because writing makes it so much more real.  Sometimes I question my decision to be open and vulnerable about my life.  I know there are those who don’t understand what I am doing, but there are those who are behind me and find strength in knowing they are not alone.

And there may be consequences in my life for sharing this part of who I am on the internet.

But there would also be consequences for not sharing.

Because some may see this illness; see what I write and think me weak.

But they are wrong.

I am stronger because of this.  I am more self aware and more able to assess where I am mentally and emotionally and to take care of myself.

I didn’t post last week. Part of it was Thanksgiving so I was away from home and part of it is because this is hard.

It is hard to be open and vulnerable, but it is essential to me.

I will not lie about this illness and the ways it does and does not affect me.

I will be vocal and present.

I will share my story because it is one of hope.

And we all need hope.