Life is beautiful when you're chasing dreams


I'm writing this on my phone while sitting in a gymnastics gym waiting to watch my buddy shoot nerf guns at his friends. 


I am exhausted. 

Chasing your dreams is tiring yo.

Today I interviewed for assistant manager and therefore this blog post is not as well thought out as usual. In fact I'm not sure that it is thought out at all. 

I don't have anything profound to say. Life is kind of beautiful right now.  My mind is not running away from me. I am at that perfect level of busy where you get a lot done but don't get stuck in your head.  The wife is mostly doing well with the pregnancy. 

Life is beautiful and fabulous right now. 

Chasing your dreams is a lot of work. And it is exhausting. But it is so damn worth it. 

Again. This was all written on my phone. EEp.