Fight Tigers!

I have only one large regret in life.  Which is pretty impressive to say the least.  

I have never been in Marching Mizzou.

That is it, right there.  My biggest regret in life (and yes, I know it’s not too late to change that and someday I will go to grad school and be the 30 or 40 something marching, but life goals ya’ll).

I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads.  Why is this such a big regret?  The one thing you can think of that crushes you that you haven’t done.

Mizzou Homecoming is like Christmas for me.  It is a true holiday in my mind.  I remember the morning of Mizzou Homecoming like I do Christmas Morning.  Waking up early to make sandwiches to eat while Mom practiced marching with the alumni band. Watching the parade with my dad and sisters and cheering at the game.  Getting hugs from Truman, hearing the canon go off at touchdowns, and especially walking around to the big M in the end zone.

My mom was in Marching Mizzou while she was a student there.  All 6 years as she got her bachelors and masters degrees she marched.  In fifth grade I set a goal that someday, some year I would march in the “baby band” with Mom in the alumni band at Mizzou homecoming.  Twenty –ish years later and it still hasn’t happened.

Mizzou Homecoming is happening this weekend.  And I am fucking excited.  Because next year, I will be taking my child to Mizzou Homecoming (maybe not the game, but definitely the parade, and to watch Mawmaw practice marching).  I will be passing on a tradition which is so important to me that it makes me cry thinking about sharing this with the next generation.

Fight Tigers.

M-I-Z. . .