Hello my dear old friend.

Sometimes depression is a large monster, creeping behind your back, intimidating and scary. Sometimes depression is a weight that sits on your chest compressing everything in life.

Sometimes depression feels like you just took a Benadryl.

Sometimes depression feels like an old friend who has come back for a visit.  And so, hello my dear old friend.  I welcome you.  You may stay and visit for a few days.  You will follow certain rules, you don't get to run the show, but I will sit with you.  I will allow you your time and space, but if you get any ideas of takeover I will ensure your prompt removal.

This depression has snuck up on me, slowly over the course of days.  I am still functioning at a normal level, that weight is simply there.  That feeling that everything is not quite alright.

Some depressions you have to fight.  Some you just need to sit with and hold their hand.  Let them know it's ok.  It's ok to be sad.  It's ok to hurt and to wonder and to struggle.  It's ok dear friend for you to exist.  You are not evil.

I know why you are here friend.  I know what has brought you to visit and I am addressing that invitation.  But while you are here I will sit with you.  I will allow you to take space.  You are not currently my enemy, but a friendly reminder to take care of myself.  A reminder to give myself permission to hurt.

Depression, you are welcome here, for now, so long as you follow my rules.

Hello my dear old friend.