Change is not scary. It's terrifying (ly AWESOME!)

Story time: Once upon a time (my wife is a children's librarian and requires me to start every story in this manner) Mason worked at a certain coffee shop in town.  Mason had worked at this particular store for over 2 years!  One day, Mason's boss said, "Mason, my boss wants me to send someone to another store, and one of their supervisors is going to come here, what do you think about going to the other store?" and Mason replied "I want to stay here but I'd be OK with the transfer."  Mason was the supervisor who got chosen to transfer.  All of their friends at the store were sad sad sad that Mason was leaving, but Mason was excited as well as nervous and scared.  Mason's first day at the new store was yesterday.  Mason was anxious and nervous but hopeful that good would come from the change.  Mason's new coworkers are fun and work hard!  Mason's new boss is excited to hear the idea's Mason has to help make the store better!  Mason is reinvigorated and loves their job even more than before!  Hooray!

End of story.

So, Happy ending.  In reality:


Have I mentioned I'm an anxious person?  Because I'm TOTALLY an anxious person.  I've known about this transition for over a month and have over-analysed every single aspect of it.

But you know what?  As scary as this change is (new people, new boss, new routine, new expectations, new ways of doing things I already know how to do), It's kind of exciting and fun.

Many of my co-workers and friends asked me how I felt, and I told them I am choosing to focus on the positives.  Our attitudes control SO much in our lives.  If we choose to look on the bright side, guess what?  Things look. . . . BRIGHTER!

Sometimes life is overwhelming.  Somethings there is so much change at once you don't know what to do with it all.  Sometimes you don't realize the change is happening until it is changed and other times you have months of apprehension about the change.  Change is scary.  No matter who you are or what the change is, It is terrifying.  There are so many unknowns and what if's that circulate through your head, so many doubts and uncertainties.  But I believe there are ALWAYS known's in the mix as well.  Even if it is basic as knowing you are going to make the best of this change no matter what.

Change is inevitable, how you respond to it is up to you.

I choose to embrace the change and see what happens.

Do you?