Who is this guy, what’s he gonna do?


If you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?


Phew. That’s a heavy word in this day and age. What does it mean to truly live your values and to stand up for what you believe in?

In 2012 I walked into a room full of queer teenagers and the course of my life shifted forever. I saw up close and personal the challenges there are to be had as an out queer teen. Coming out to parents, coming out in school, feeling safe in your environment: these were all issues I heard about on a weekly basis. Volunteering for a queer teen group changed the way I view the world and changed the course of my life.

Seeing these teens struggle, I knew I needed to take action. I got involved in local committees and ended up doing a training for a local high school. I was hooked.

Education is what will truly change the world. See, I think most people want to be inclusive of minority communities, they just don't know how.

Thus, the blog was born and I found myself giving voice to issues I care tremendously about, and LOVE doing research on. I found a passion sharing my story and reaching those who are fighting to create space to simply exist in this world. Highlighting diverse voices became important to me so I started All the Letters to give a megaphone to those whose stories might not otherwise be heard.

We need diverse voices. We need people to step into active allyship and live their values through action.

Let’s do this.